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Enjoy my fanfictions to your heart's desire.


Just something I had in mind.


Will cost an additional 20 points because I need to scan it and use
Will cost an additional 10 points because I need to scan it and use
RPG Maker VX/VX Ace Sprites
RPG Maker VX Mariah by kasden95
Anybody want sprites?
Hand Drawn and/or Computer Drawn
Wip Kasden by kasden95
Kyle and Dash Baxter by kasden95
I'm bringing back hand drawn! Plus I need to improve more on my art skills. But these will be more expensive because they will take more time. Especially if they are scanned, turned into lineart and colored as well as shaded.
GMod Picture
Madoka GMod Dimensions Villains by kasden95
I have a few models, but tell me what characters and maps you want me to use.
Muscle Girl
Naomi by kasden95
Police Colonel Mayumi Cadena by kasden95
Bikini Boxer Krystal by kasden95
Doctor Alice Luster by kasden95
Muscular girl drawings. Made with a base by MrPr1993
Sprite pic
Inez and Company by kasden95
A group of characters in sprite form.
Note: Most of them will be edits.
Chibi8bit Demi by kasden95
Chibi8bit jo99savetheworld OC by kasden95
Chibi and 8bit combined. It's an original style I made.


SLRPGTOTES Chapter 1: Goombas and Rocks by kasden95
SLRPGTOTES Chapter 1: Goombas and Rocks
Sprites made by ParaKoopa, Gensokyo-man and A.J. Nitro
Based off of Noctalaty's Paper Mario ideas
Some quotes are by gamerjohn022691

Quincy: My best buddy since homeschooling. He is such a great guy and he comes to my place on Thursdays. Sometimes I go to his.
Abilities: Shell Bash, Shell Spin, Shell Shield, Hydro Shell, Tornado Shell, Earthquake Shell, Bomb Shell

Rocky: Another friend of mine. Ever since we first met, he's been a great friend to me. He may have been cloned off of Bowser, but he has a more pure heart.
Abilities: Fireball, Firebreath, Fire Pillars, Holy Twinkle, Light Spear, Claw Slash, Glimmeron's Blessing
(Unlocked in Chapter 7)

Ellie: She's your biggest fan? I'm guessing both figuratively and literally.
Abilities: Body Slam, Fireball, Ground Pound, Power Jump, Roll, Bomb Blast

Blue Goomba: How many colors do Goombas come in? But whatever this guy can do, let's beat him to a pulp!

Red Goomba: Another colored Goomba? Let's see if he oozes red once we bash him!

Goombronze: A bronze Goomba statue that came to life. If only we had something more powerful than metal.

Bowser Junior: So this is Bowser's brat son? He even looks like the guy when he was a baby! Though he's a tough nut to crack.

Waluigi: So that skinny guy is Waluigi? You might want to be careful Luigi. Who knows how many times we'll run into him and what he'll have up his sleeve?

Mt Goomba: So Goombronze made this rock made monstrosity by using the Earth Spirit? I wonder if we should use explosives.

Gravel Galoomba: And I'm guessing these things were created by Mt Goomba? Typical...

Luigi and Kasden Guy run out of the woods and towards a small house in the middle of Mushroom Fields.
Luigi: What are we-a doing here?
Kasden Guy: I know a friend of mine who lives here. I'm sure he could shed a little light on this situation.

Kasden Guy knocks on the door and a red shelled Koopa with green shoes exits.
Luigi: You remind-a me of Corporal Paraplonk.
Quincy: I'm his wingless cousin, Quincy. And I see you've met my nineteen year old friend here.
Kasden Guy: Mhmm.
Quincy: What brings you here, Luigi?
Luigi: Well I...
Kasden Guy: This Ztar possessed Mario and turned him evil and now he's gone on a quest to find the Elemental Spirits.
Quincy: Mario turned evil?!
Luigi: And I have to beat him. Sorry guys, but I-a have to do this alone.
Kasden Guy: If you're going, we're going too.
Quincy: Yeah, we've finally met you in person so now we get to help you.
Luigi: But... But... *sigh* Fine...

Kasden Guy and Quincy have joined the party!

And so the heroes head on their way through the field, fighting Goombas of the first few varieties on the way up to the location where Rocklord is being held: Goomba Castle. Halfway through, the heroes stumble across a very familiar sight, a tall and skinny man wearing a purple hat, purple shirt, black overalls and orange shoes: Waluigi.
Waluigi: "Wah Ha ha ha! It's-a me, Waluigi!"
Luigi: Waluigi?!
Waluigi: "Luigi, at last we meet! Trying to save your brother, are you? Well, you're going down!"
Luigi: Bring-a it on!


After the fight, Waluigi is nearly beaten.
Luigi: Give it up, Waluigi.
Waluigi: "Good thing I've got an ace in the hole!"

Waluigi pulls out a Bob-omb, not knowing that it is lit.
Kasden Guy: Did you just light that BEFORE you fought us?

The Bob-omb explodes, sending Waluigi flying.
Waluigi: "WALUIGI'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!!!" *ding*

He disappears and the otaku girl, an overweight girl dressed like Luigi shows up.
Ellie: "(fangirl scream) Luigi, I'm your number-one fan of, like, all time! Can I have your autograph?!"
Luigi: Uh...
Kasden Guy: Sorry, kiddo, but Luigi's not doing autographs at the moment.
Ellie: "Hold on, blue boy! Like, who died and made YOU Luigi's security guard?!"
Kasden Guy: I'm NOT his security guard. I'm another of his fans like you, but  I can't have OBSESSED people tagging along.
Ellie: "Aw, can't I, like, tag with Luigi, so I can prove that I'm his number-one fan for a reason?"
Luigi: Of COURSE you-a can.
Kasden Guy: Fine...
Ellie: "Yay! We're, like, going on an adventure together!"

Ellie has joined the party!

After that little meeting, the heroes head towards the entrance of Goomba Castle.
Kasden Guy: Oh, look, we're at the entrance of Goomba Castle.
Ellie: "Like, who's the weirdo? He looks like Bowser..."

At the front entrance, a Koopa Monster that looks like Bowser but with ruby wristbands that have sapphire spikes, a fire red collar with leaf green spikes, blue hair, yellow shell, yellow head, blue hair and a halo.
Rocky: "Hey, Luigi!"
Luigi: How do you-a know me?
"How do I know you? I've known you, Mario, Peach, Daisy, and nearly everyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom! In fact, I may look like Bowser, but I am most certainly not!"
Luigi: ...
"Oops, where ARE my manners? Allow me to introduce myself: I am Rocky O'Malley Koopa."
Luigi: Nice to-a meet you too.

Rocky heads into the castle.
Kasden Guy: Yeah, he's another one of my friends. He was cloned off of Bowser, but he is more friendly than Bowser. And he doesn't kidnap anybody.
Luigi: I guess he-a went into the fortress.
Kasden Guy: Yeah.

So the heroes enter the fortress and begin exploring the area while fighting the Goombas that reside in the fortress. Soon they reach Rocky who is looking at a bunch of things in the castle, such as a bronze Goomba statue.
"According to my research, this place was once owned by a huge Goomba named Goomboss, or as his minions would call him, the Goomba King..."
Kasden Guy: I read that once. Mario stomped Goomboss and his minions dozens of times.
Quincy: Namely those two Goombas that we bashed outside.

Rocky looks toward the Bronze Statue.
"Talk about tacky! These Goombas couldn't afford gold to smelt, so they smelted bronze to make this thing!"
Kasden: No kidding.

The statue begins to move.
Goombronze: Halt!
Kasden Guy: It can move?!

Goombronze steps off of its pedestal.
Goombronze: I am Goombronze! Protector of this castle! And you dare call me tacky?!
"Okay, I take back everything I said about that bronze Goomba statue! I'm taking cover! Later!"

Rocky takes cover while tho other Goombas appear.
Red Goomba: Goombronze! You have awakened!
Blue Goomba: Now we can crush Luigi and his friends!
Goombronze: Indeed.


After the fight, Goombronze has been dented a bit and the two Goomba Brothers have been injured.
Goombronze: So you have managed to defeat me and the Goomba Brothers... Next time we meet, we shall not go easy on you...

Goombronze, Red Goomba and Blue Goomba leave and Rocky comes out of hiding.
"Is he gone?"
Kasden Guy: Yep.
"Phew! What a relief!"

Rocky leaves in the same direction as Goombronze as Luigi, Kasden Guy and Quincy keep fighting the enemies and exploring until eventually, they come across a large door with no key nearby.
Kasden Guy: Well it looks like we're gonna have to find the key.
Luigi: I hate-a these parts! Finding-a keys is-a tough, even for you!
Kasden Guy: Agreed. But we have to do this.

So the heroes begin searching for the key until they enter a nearby room with gold piled in it as well as Bowser Junior.
Bowser Junior: Got some new pals, eh Luigi?
Luigi: Bowser Junior?!
Bowser Junior: Looking for this?
Kasden Guy: That's the key that we've been looking for!
Quincy: Give that to us you little brat!
Bowser Junior: You want this thing? If you want it, then you're gonna have to pry it from my cold dead claws, because I'm not letting this thing go!
Luigi: That-a can be arranged!


Bowser Junior: Gyaaah!
Luigi: Had enough?
Bowser Junior: *moans* Fine... Here's the key... Let's just say what waits on the other side of that door is your demise!

Bowser Junior leaves the room and the castle.
Kasden Guy: Finally. Let's insert that key into that hole Luigi.
Luigi: Yeah, and get-a that Elemental Spirit.

So the heroes head back to the door and unlock it. After stepping outside of the castle, they find themselves in the courtyard in the back that leads to Mushroom Forest, but Goombronze is standing right outside, holding a brown star and standing on a glowing spell circle with Rocky getting ready to attack the statue.
Goombronze: Such power this star holds... No wonder the great Koopas told me to guard it.
Luigi: But-a we'll be taking that-a star now.
Goombronze: I think not. Mt Goomba! I summon you!

Goombronze walks back a bit and shoots some earth energy into the spell circle, then laughs as a giant gray Goomba made of rocks with snow on its head emerges and roars.
Luigi: Wah!
"That's, like, one big rock."
"What kind of mountain looks like a Goomba?! Seriously!"
Kasden Guy: Um, a mountain based monster that's made of elemental magic?
Quincy: Guys, I think we should just break this rock and get the elemental spirit.
Goombronze: Unlikely... Mt Goomba, destroy them!


Mt Goomba crumbles and a rock squishes Goombronze, thus making him drop the brown star containing the Elemental Spirit of Earth: Rocklord.
Rocklord: Ah, the green-clad hero that has been prophesied by my brothers.
Luigi: Prophesied?
Rocklord: I am Rocklord. Spirit of the Earth. My brothers have told me many tales of your adventures.
Luigi: Yeah, most of-a them were with-a my brother.
Rocklord: Yes. I can help you save him, but first, we must find my other brothers. I shall come with you.
Kasden Guy: Okay then, it's settled!

You received Rocklord and now you can use Rocklord's Fist!

Chapter 1 End 


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