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Just something I had in mind.


Will cost an additional 20 points because I need to scan it and use
Will cost an additional 10 points because I need to scan it and use
RPG Maker VX/VX Ace Sprites
RPG Maker VX Mariah by kasden95
Anybody want sprites?
Hand Drawn and/or Computer Drawn
Wip Kasden by kasden95
Kyle and Dash Baxter by kasden95
I'm bringing back hand drawn! Plus I need to improve more on my art skills. But these will be more expensive because they will take more time. Especially if they are scanned, turned into lineart and colored as well as shaded.
GMod Picture
Madoka GMod Dimensions Villains by kasden95
I have a few models, but tell me what characters and maps you want me to use.
Muscle Girl
Naomi by kasden95
Police Colonel Mayumi Cadena by kasden95
Bikini Boxer Krystal by kasden95
Doctor Alice Luster by kasden95
Muscular girl drawings. Made with a base by MrPr1993
Sprite pic
Inez and Company by kasden95
A group of characters in sprite form.
Note: Most of them will be edits.
Chibi8bit Demi by kasden95
Chibi8bit jo99savetheworld OC by kasden95
Chibi and 8bit combined. It's an original style I made.


SLRPGTOTES Epilogue: A Happy Ending by kasden95
SLRPGTOTES Epilogue: A Happy Ending
Sprites made by ParaKoopa, Gensokyo-man, Dreamcat, AlexandertheHedgeho8TuffTony Drshnaps, Medaforcer, Ploaj, Leon-Murayami, A.J. Nitro, kahcow50, kcspice, tebited15Marios-Friend9, Goomba X, Ragey, MangaHybrid, Digi - EX, ssthehedgehog gameboy09, :devshadow_91:, :devkirbyheartlesswarrior:, edalhoff345 and PxlCobit/PxlCobit
Based off of Noctalaty's Paper Mario ideas
Some quotes are by gamerjohn022691 and Dimentio44
Cheryl Hyde and Helen Hyde belong to Sephzero

(I figured that Kasden Guy and Rocky cheering, Tiff kissing Kirby and Daisy kissing Luigi would make sense as this is a victory party scene. Now I won't do any character descriptions because this is one of the last parts before I do the parts with Kasden Guy recording his first adventure with Luigi, sending a letter to Luigi and Daisy as well as a video. Even Mario and Peach are in this one since Mario has been saved by his brother again.)


The heroes are on the ground in the middle of Mushroom Forest, but then Luigi starts to wake up.
Luigi: Huh? Daisy! Rocky! Mario! Kasden Guy! Blitz! Everyone! Whew... We're-a safe from-a harm.

Everybody else starts to wake up.
Blitz: Where are we?
Daisy: Are we in Mushroom Forest again?
Kasden Guy: Apparently.
Mario: Hooray!
Quincy: So we're out of the Temple of the Elemental Spirits.
Kirby: (Thank goodness.)
Yoshi: Agreed, Kirby.
Kirby: (You understand me too Yoshi?!)
Yoshi: Yep!
Blitz: Yoshi, how can you understand my best buddy? What is this magic?
Yoshi: I have been trained to speak many languages.
Finn: It must have been Glimmeron's blessing.
Jake: Yeah, dude!
Sonic: You two are probably right.
Tails: All worlds are peaceful now!
Amy: Life couldn't be any better.
Blitz: No doubt, Sweet Cakes. Right, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Mhmm.
Luigi: No more-a Shaddonneous... No more-a Darkness... Everything's-a more peaceful at-a last.
Mario: You-a said it, Luigi.
Blitz: Luigi... You really did it. *offers Luigi to pick him up and hug*

Peach runs up to the heroes. Blitz bows upon seeing Peach.
Blitz: Princess Peach? Your Majesty...
Peach: Guys, come on! I have something special for all of you!

The heroes then follow Peach to her garden where on her table, sits a large cake along with other refreshments.
Luigi: Wow...
Daisy: *gasp*
Peach: I made this cake for all of you.
Anna: Cake?! Sweet!
Elsa: This brings back at least some of the good memories of my corolation.

Blitz sees his figure on the front row of the cake with Luigi, Kirby, Tiff, Sonic, Tails, Amy and at the back of the cake are the other heroes
Blitz: Hey, that figure is me, with you, Mario, Kasden Guy, Kirby, Tiff, Sonic, Tails, Amy and the others, Luigi!

Peach: Plus we'll even make it into one of Mario's parties.
Mario: With Dice Blocks?
Rocky: "Now, THAT'S a party!"
Blitz: PAR-TAY!
Peach: But first I have medals to pass around.

Then the party officially begins. Kirby can be seen and heard singing karaoke, but nothing's exploding.
Kirby: (Kirby, that's me! The tambourine of dreams! Let's begin to ring it right now!)
Blitz: That's my buddy!
Luigi: Sounds like-a Kirby's singing voice is-a getting better.
Bandanna Waddle Dee: Yep.
Blitz: I'll bet Kirby remember to control his singing!
Kasden Guy: Now this is the best party ever!
Daisy: Luigi...
Luigi: Eh?

Daisy then kisses Luigi who then blushes.
Luigi: *chuckles a bit*
Daisy: You did really good these past few days on our adventure.
Luigi: Thank you.
Kasden Guy: Isn't this just the sweetest scene.
Blitz: Lover boy.

After Kirby finishes his song, Tiff kisses him.
Kirby: (How sweet of you to kiss me.)
Blitz: Tiff, can I have a kiss too?
Tiff: Of course... Come here, cutie... 

Tiff kisses Rocky, then 
Blitz and the red puffball blushes from the kiss just like Kirby from Crystal Shards 64, even Tiff blushes.
Blitz:  I love you, Tiff...

Tiff: you and Rocky, too... 
Blitz: Kirby...
Kirby: (Yeah?)
Blitz: You're a real star warrior now... I love much...
Kirby: Ditto that.
Blitz: *gasps* Kirby! You said your first words and sentence! You're talking! Give me a hug, buddy!
Kirby: Bring it in.

Kirby and Blitz hug.
Blitz: What's your response of my buddy finally talking?
Kasden Guy: Awesome.

A few hours later, the party has ended and it is time for everyone to go back to their homes and/or finish up whatever it was they were doing and a portal that leads them to where they have to go has been opened.
Goombriel: Kevin, we must head back to Yoshi's Island for more training.
Kevin: Fine...
Yoshi: And Birdo and I need to plan our wedding.
Birdo: *giggle* Yoshi, you cutie.
Blitz: Someone's in love!

Birdo kisses Yoshi as the first four walk through the portal.
Stormy: And I must restore all of the crops in Dry Dry Outpost.
Elsa: And Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and I need to add the finishing touches to the Mushroom Kingdom and Arendelle Trade Routes.
Blitz: See you real soon!

Stormy heads in next along with Olaf, Kristoff Anna and Elsa.
Kirby: Tiff, we need to get going. It's almost time for that family reunion.
"*sniff* I'll miss you, Tiff... WAAAAAAAHHH!!!"
Blitz: Rocky... No frowning, no sad face. Kirby, Tiff, wait.
Tiff: ?
Blitz: You don't have to leave. Stay with me, please??
Kirby: Why?
Blitz: Because, we're like a family... My siblings, Sparx and Trixie will be happy to see you. Tiff, you're like a sister to me.
Tiff: We'll stay.
Blitz: You two will stay with me...?
Kirby: Yeah.
Blitz: Yay! Kirby and Tiff are staying with me! Thank you, Luigi!
Luigi: No probs.
Blitz: Welcome to my family, Kirby and Tiff... Aww

Kirby and Tiff choose to stay with Blitz and become apart of his family.
Blitz: See you later, Bandanna Waddle Dee. Or should I say, Dan.
Bandanna Waddle Dee: *chuckles* I'll see you later, Blitz.

Bandanna Waddle Dee enters the portal.
Princess Bubblegum: I need to get this Blaze Flower Extract back to the Candy Kingdom.
Blitz: Hey, duty calls, O sweet Queen Bubblegum of Candy Kingdom.
Flame Princess: And Finn and I need to discuss more... Urgent matters... *chuckles lovingly*
Finn: *chuckles*
Jake: I thought she loved Cinnamon Bun.
Blitz: I guess she changed her mind, and went back to loving Finn, Jake.

Flame Princess then casts Flame Shield on Finn as she pulls him in with Jake and Princess Bubblegum following.
Blitz: Catch you later, O Great Heroes of Ooo!
Sonic: See you at the next Olympic Games, Luigi!
Luigi: And at the next-a Smash Tournament?
Blitz: Sonic, wait.
Sonic: What?
Blitz: Thanks for your help, blue buddy. I love going Super form with you. Just don't overdo it or get carried away or else you'll pass out again.
Sonic: Right.
Blitz: Tails... Come here, Fuzzy Buddy...
Tails: What is it?
Blitz: Tails... Can I call you "Miles"?
Tails: Sure.
Blitz: Thanks..., Miles.
Tails: No problem.
Blitz: Um, Shadow...
Shadow: ?
Blitz: Uh, thanks for help... You...uh... Want to friends? 

Blitz holds out his hand and then Shadow shakes Blitz's hand.
Blitz: Thanks, Shadow. You're all right. Keep that Chaos Emerald as a token of our friendship.
Shadow: Gladly.
Knuckles: Catch you on the flipside, Blitz.
Blitz: Right back at you, Knuckles!
Knuckles: *chuckles*
Blitz: Amy... Thanks a lot... I have saved your pink tail three times in a row...
Amy: No prob.
Blitz: Give me a hug and a kiss, Amy Rose!

Amy then kisses Blitz and hugs him.
Blitz: You're so sweet, Sugar-Cakes...
Pac-man: And I'll be seeing you at the next Karting and Smash Tournaments, Luigi.
Pinkie: Pacums, we need to get going.
Cylindria: Yeah, Pac-World needs our help.
Blitz: You do that Pac-Man! Call me if you need me!

And so Pac-Man, Sonic and their friends enter the portal next.
"So long, Luigi. I must return to my home dimension. So, I guess this is goodbye..."
Luigi: At-a least for now.
Rocky: "I'll always cherish the good times that we had... Goodbye, Super Luigi..."
Blitz: Don't forget about me, Rocky.
Rocky: *sniffs*
Luigi: See you soon, Rocky O'Malley Koopa...

And Rocky enters the portal.
Elvin Gadd: Kasden Guy, your paper on the Elemental Spirits and the Dimensions is amazing!
Kasden Guy: Really?!
Elvin Gadd: Yep, my boy! How would you like to work with me like your hero?
Kasden Guy: Sure. I would like to do that since he saved me in Mid-Childa once.
Luigi: Eh?
Blitz: You want to be the Professor's apprentice?
Kasden Guy: Yeah Blitz, plus he offers game designing opportunities that are better than Wario's. 

Kasden Guy then looks at Luigi.
Kasden Guy: You don't remember, Luigi? I'm the Shy Guy that you saved from a sinking ship while you were working with Vivio, Einhart, that human I was named after and his twin sister.

Luigi: Ah.
Carter: Memories aside, c'mon Kasden!
Quincy: Yeah, we have to work with Elvin Gadd now!
Gear: Yeah man!
Skully: We could possibly be heading to another world.
Mariah: And your real parents are still alive!
Kasden Guy: Alright. I'm gonna miss you, Luigi.
Luigi: Yeah, we had some-a great adventures. Glad you got-a that a on-a your paper.
Kasden Guy: Me too. Goodbye Luigi.
Luigi: Sayonara, Kasden Guy.
Blitz: You won't be forgotten, K.G. *offers a fist bump* This isn't goodbye forever, you know. I'll be seeing you, K.G.!
Kasden Guy: Because my house is in Toad Town, buddy! See you soon!

The two Hydes change back into Charlotte and Elaine.
Charlotte: But I guess Elvin Gadd needs us.
Elaine: Yeah, we can't keep their group waiting forever.
Blitz: You too, Charlotte and Elaine?
Sailor Moon: And I desperately need to go back to Crystal Tokyo! Come on guys!
Blitz: Don't be strangers, Sailor Moon and Sailor Team!

The last batch of heroes enters the portal except for Luigi, Daisy, Mario, Peach, Kirby, Tiff and Blitz.
Blitz: Luigi, you're always like a brother to me. Thanks for letting me stay with you and Mario.
Luigi: No problemo.
Blitz: Once again, Thanks for staying with me, Tiffany and Kirby. Together, with my brother and sister, Sparx and Trixie, we'll be like a family; an extended family! Don't you think so?
Kirby: Yep.
Blitz: I guess no matter where we go, with my extended family, and with you, Luigi, there'll always be a fantastic adventure!

Luigi, Blitz and Kirby raise their Keyblades in the air as light falls upon the Keyblades.

End of the Epilogue...
Team KryptoHulk Cast List 12

The Heroes


Kasden Winkler and Lindsay/K Crusader and Laser Chick
Powers: Every last one of the powers of Superman and other heroes relating to him.
How we got our powers: A machine that can infuse a person or two with Kryptonian powers exploding, thus also making our muscles grow, our height increase and Lindsay's chest, butt and hips even bigger and more curvy than they normally are. Well kind of.
Suits: (Kasden) Kind of like Superman's, but the suit is midnight black with ocean blue speedolike shorts/hotpants, ocean blue boots, an ocean blue “K” logo and an electric yellow cape. (Lindsay) Same as mine, but without the pant legs or a skirt (mostly just the bikinilike hotpants/shorts), thus showing her legs and a blue “L” logo.
Types: (Kasden) Male Super. (Lindsay) Female Super.
Weaknesses: (Kasden) Kryptonite, red sun radiation, Wing Stop Wings, Free Video Games and Electronics days, foods I hate, Hunger, ect. (Lindsay) Kryptonite, red sun radiation and free makeup and clothes days at shopping malls.


Dakota, Heather and Gwen/Emerald Warrior, Ruby Berserker and Moonstone Amazon
Powers: Every last one of the powers of the Incredible Hulk and the Savage She-Hulk.
How they got their powers: Same machine as Lindsay and I, but it made them even taller than me and Lindsay, plus even more muscular, more curvy and more busty, but with Dakota being a green female Hulk, Heather being a red female Hulk and Gwen being a gray female Hulk.
Suits: (Dakota) Sea Blue Bikini. (Heather) Lime Green Bikini. (Gwen) Midnight Black Bikini.
Types: (Dakota) Green Female Hulk. (Heather) Red Female Hulk. (Gwen) Grey Female Hulk.
Weaknesses: Nothing! They're the strongest and sexiest women alive!

Other Supers, Hulks, humans and other creatures of the Total Drama, Sonic, DC, Marvel, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon and Mario series mentioned in this fanfiction (more will appear in later chapters)

Noah (Male Human until chapter 4 where he becomes a Male Super)
Owen (Green Male Hulk with a big belly and gray pants)
Izzy (Green Female Hulk with Orange Hair and a green bikini)
Eva (Green Female Hulk in her usual clothes)
Courtney (Female Super)
Cody (Male Human until Chapter 4 where he becomes Green Male Hulk with blue pants)
Trent (Male Super)
Sierra (Female Green Hulk with Purple Hair and a yellow bikini), DJ (Male Super wearing his usual clothes and a cape)
Cameron (Male Human until Chapter 4 where he becomes a Grey Male Hulk with black pants)
B (Male Human)
Zoey (Female Super)
Sam (Male Human)
Alt Dakota/Earth-2 Dakota/Dashkota (Female Super)
Alt Kasden Winkler/Earth-2 Kasden/Krusher (Green Male Hulk in a blue speedo)
Alt Lindsay I/Earth-2 Lindsay/Lashout Lass (Female Green Hulk in a blue bikini)
Alt Lindsay II/Earth-3 Lindsay/Wonder Lindsay (Amazon wearing the Wonder Wonder Woman costume that Lindsay made in Total Drama Action: Super Hero-ID)
Mike (Male Human)
Sonic (Male Hedgehog)
Miles “Tails” Prower (Two Tailed Male Fox)
Knuckles (Male Echidna)
Amy (Female Hedgehog)
Cream (Female Rabbit)
Cheese (Male Chao)
Shadow (Male Hedgehog)
Rouge (Female Bat)
Silver (Male Hedgehog)
Blaze (Female Cat)
Big (Male Cat)
Froggy (Male Frog)
Marine (Female Raccoon)
Tikal (Female Echidna)
Sally Acorn (Female Squirrel)
Espio (Male Chameleon)
Charmy (Male Bee)
Vector (Male Crocodile)
Antoine (Male Coyote)
Rotor (Male Walrus)
Chaos (some sort of water creature)
Yacker (Male White Wisp)
Mario (Male Human in Chapter 1, Male Super by Chapter 3)
Luigi (Male Human in Chapter 1, Male Super by Chapter 3)
Peach (Female Green Hulk in a pink bikini)
Daisy (Female Green Hulk in a yellow bikini)
Yoshi (Male Yoshi)
Birdo (Female Birdo)
Toadbert (Male Toad)
Toadsworth (Male Toad)
Toad (Male Toad)
Toadette (Female Toad)
Rosalina (Female Green Hulk in a cyan bikini)
Tyke (Male Luma)
Polari (Male Luma)
Lubba (Male Luma)
Finn (Male Human)
Fiona (Female Human)
Jake (Male Dog)
Cake (Female Cat)
Marceline (Female Vampire)
Flame Princess (Female Fire Elemental)
Starfire (Female Tamaranian)
Bonnibel Bubblegum (Female Bubblegum Humanoid/Candy Person)
Bruce Wayne/Batman (Male Human)
Tim Drake/Robin (Male Human)
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle (Female Human)
Cyborg (Male Human/Robot)
Beast Boy (Male Human I guess)
M'gann M'orzz/Megan Morse/Miss Martian (Female Martian)
Raven (Female Humanoid Demon I guess)
Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl II (Female Metahuman now wearing the Wonder Woman costume from the animated Wonder Woman Movie)
Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Amazon in her costume from the animated Wonder Woman Movie)
Donna/Donna Troy/Wonder Girl I (Amazon now wearing the Wonder Woman costume from the animated Wonder Woman Movie)
Artemis (Amazon)
Hippolyta (Amazon)
Krystal Winkler/Wonder Woman II (Human/Amazon)
Alexa Wayne/Valor Girl (Human/Amazon)
Wally West/Flash (Male Human)
Bart Allen/Kid Flash (Male Human)
Zatanna (Female Human)
Jennifer Walters/She Hulk (Female Human/Female Green Hulk)
Bruce Banner/Hulk (Male Human/Male Green Hulk)
Betty Ross/Red She Hulk (Female Human/Female Red Hulk)
Jennifer Banner/She Hulk Jr (Female Human/Female Green Hulk)
Kara Zor-L/Karren Starr/Power Girl (Female Kryptonian)
Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (Male Kryptonian)
Kara In-Ze/Kara Kent/Supergirl (Female Argoan)
Krypto (Male Kryptonian Dog)
Streaky (Male Kryptonian Cat)
Beppo (Male Kryptonian Monkey)
Dove Toad, Dove Toadette and Dove Yoshi (Male and Female Diamond Doves in Chapter 5, Male and Female Super Diamond Doves by Chapter 6)
Jose Ramiro/Nocturne Bat (Male Human wearing Adam West's Batman costume)
Ice/Tora Olaffsdotter (Female Metahuman)
Fire/Beatriz da Costa (Female Metahuman)
Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore (Female Human)
S.T.R.I.P.E./Patrick Dugan (Male Human)
Lois Lane/Super Woman (Female Super in the Super Woman outfit from All-Star Superman)
Jimmy Olsen (Male Human)
Arthur/Aquaman (Male Atlantean)
Garth/Aqualad (Male Atlantean)
Chi'ri/Whirlpool (Female Atlantean)
Jenny Finkle/Lambda (Female Human)
Taululla/Agrona (Celtic Demigoddess)
Saeto Jaxxia/Beacon (Female Korugarian)
Carol Denvers/Ms Marvel (Female Human/Kree)
Mary Batson/Mary Marvel (Male Human/Marvel)
Billy Batson/Captain Marvel (Male Human/Marvel)
Freddy Freeman/Captain Marvel Junior (Male Human/Marvel)
Peter Parker/Spider Man (Male Human with the powers of a spider)
Kimiyo Hoshi/Doctor Light II/Lightgirl (Female Human)
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern of Earth (Male Human)
Thor (The Norse God of Thunder)
Sif (Female Asgardian)
Torunn (Norse Demigoddess)
John J'onnz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter (Male Martian)
Dinah Lance/Black Canary (Female Human)
Tony Stark/Iron Man (Male Human)
Stephanie Stark/Iron Girl (Female Human)
Steve Rogers/Captain America (Male Human)
James Rogers/Captain America Jr (Male Human)
Princess Elise (Female Human)
Hawkman (Male Thanagarian)
Hawkgirl (Female Thanagarian)
Hawkeye (Male Human)
Black Widow (Female Human)
Apache Chief (Male Human)
El Dorado (Male Human)
The Falcon (Male Human)
Black Lightning (Male Human)
Marvin (Male Human)
Wendy (Female Human)
Wonder Dog (Male Dog)
Zan (Male Exorian)
Jayna (Female Exorian)
Gleek (Blue Male Exorian Monkey)
Stella Kaiser (Female Human)
Earth-2 Stella Kaiser/Earth-2 Stargirl (Sorceress)
Steve Trevor (Human)
Sailor Moon/Serena (Human)
Sailor Mercury/Amy (Human)
Sailor Mars/Raye (Human)
Sailor Jupiter/Lita (Human)
Sailor Venus/Sailor V/Mina (Human)
Sailor Uranus/Amarah (Human)
Sailor Neptune/Michelle (Human)
Sailor Pluto/Trista (Goddess)
Sailor Saturn/Hotaru (Human)
Luna (Cat)
Artemis (Cat)
Diana (Cat)
Phantom Stranger (Human)
The Specter (Spirit of Redemption and Vengeance)
Maxwell (Scribble Hero)
Lily (Scribble Heroine)
Santa (Gift Delivering Elf)
Rudolph (Red Nosed Reindeer)
Elsa (Snow Queen)
Anna (Human)
Kristoff (Human)
Olaf (Snowman)
Sven (Reindeer)
Quincy (Koopa)
Kasden Guy (Shy Guy)
Pac-Man (Yellow Pac-Worlder)
Cylindria (Pink Pac-Worlder)
Spiral (Red Pac-Worlder)
Blinky (Red Ghost)
Inky (Blue Ghost)
Pinky (Pink Ghost)
Clyde (Orange Ghost)
Pinkie Pie (Earth Pony)
Twilight Sparkle (Alicorn)
Rainbow Dash (Pegasus)
Fluttershy (Pegasus)
Applejack (Earth Pony)
Rarity (Unicorn)
Sunset Shimmer (Unicorn)
Trixie (Unicorn)
Pit (Angel)
Palutena (Goddess of Light)
Dark Pit (Dark Angel)
Viridi (Goddess of Nature)
Prismo (Wish Granter)
Eiko (Kryptonian Amazon Hybrid)
Biko (Human)
Shiiko (Alpha Cygnian)
Joy (Emotion)
Sadness (Emotion)
Fear (Emotion)
Disgust (Emotion)
Anger (Emotion)
Riley (Human)
Bing Bong (Imaginary Friend)

The Villains (I'll come up with more villains to use in future chapters)

Powers: Same powers as me, Lindsay and the other Supers.
How he got his powers: Through the radiation of the same machine that gave Lindsay and I the powers of Superman.
Suit: Black shirt, gray pants, black boots, red “A” logo and a red cape.
Weaknesses: Kryptonite and red sun radiation.
Type: Male Super

Powers: Same powers as the other Hulks, but he gains them in chapter 4 after he gets some of Alejandro's leaked information about the machines that he sent to him, but he turns into a Red Male Hulk upon getting radiated by the radiation from his own Hulk Machine.
How he got his powers: Some of the radiation energy that he finds left over from the Hulk machine.
Suit: Spartan Battle Armor.
Type: Red Male Hulk
Weaknesses: Nothing! He's a Hulk! Nothing can stop a Hulk of any color or gender!

Other Villains

Lex Luthor
The Penguin
Gorilla Grodd
Reverse Flash
Captain Boomerang
Cheetah 1 (Priscilla Rich)
Cheetah 2 (Deborah Domaine)
Cheetah 3 (Barbara Minerva)
Cheetah 4 (Sebastian Ballesteros)
Killer Frost
Mr Freeze
Ice King
Ice Queen
Harley Quinn
Mr Mxyzptlk
Ms Gsptlsnz
Mr Mind
Solomon Grundy
Silver Banshee
Doctor Octopus
The Lizard
Green Goblin
New Goblin
The Mandarin
Cyborg Superman
Bizarro Superman/Bizarro 1#
Bizarro Supergirl
Bizarro Lois Lane
Bizarro Jimmy Olsen
Bizarro Krypto
Bizarro Batman/Batzarro
Bizarro Robin
Bizarro Flash
Bizarro Wonder Woman/Bizarra
Bizarro Hawkman
Bizarro Hawkgirl
Yellow Lantern/Bizarro Green Lantern
Bizzaro Martian Manhunter
Bizarro Kasden/Kazarro/Dinky
Bizarro Krystal/Krisarro/Dingle
Bizarro Santa
Scourge/Evil Sonic
Miles/Evil Tails/Anti Tails
Rosy the Rascal
Mammoth Mogul
Ixis Naugus
Star Sapphire
General Zod
Atomic Skull
Gentleman Ghost
Poison Ivy
The guy who killed Batman's parents
Starro the Conqueror
Doctor Eggman
Eggman Nega
Metal Sonic
Metal Tails
Metal Knuckles
Metal Amy
Metal Mario
Metal Kasden
Metal Scourge
Metal Krystal
Mecha Sally
Mecha Kasden
Mecha Knuckles
Mecha Sonic
Mecha Mario
Kasden Doll
Tails Doll
Silver Sonic
Shadow Android
Metal Sonic 3.0
Psuedo Sonic
Neo Metal Sonic
Metal Madness/Metal Overlord
Emperor Metallix
Bowser Jr
Larry Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr
Wendy O Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Roy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig Von Koopa
Private Goomp
Corporal Paraplonk
Sergeant Guy
Beta Luigi
Chris McLean
Chef Hatchet
Evil Mike/Malevolent One/Mal
Fang the Mutant Shark
Larry the Mutant Venus Flytrap
Master Yik
Solaris (the complete form of Mephiles and Iblis)
Time Eater
Dimension Ripper (a fusion between Solaris and Time Eater)
Reality Corrupter (a fusion between Galactus and Parallax)
Soul Harvester (a fusion between Doomsday and Lich)
Nonexistence (a fusion between Solaris, Time Eater, Galactus, Parallax, Lich and Doomsday)
Eric Shelby (the Koopa who killed my parents)
Maxwell Doppelganger
Lily Doppelganger
Prince Hans
Duke of Wesleton
Queen Beryl
Zoycite (the dubbed version, but as a long lost twin sibling of Zoisite)
Wiseman/Doom Phantom/Death Phantom
Black/Wicked Lady
Doctor Buttocks
King Sombra
The Nightmare Forces
Malevolence (A fusion between Mal and Chaos from the Sailor Moon Series)
The Corrupted (A fusion between Mal, Chaos, Lich, Doomsday, Galactus, Parallax, Solaris and Time Eater)
The Fallen (a fusion between Mal, Chaos, Lich, Doomsday, Galactus, Nightmare Forces, King Sombra, Shadowfright, Parallax, Solaris and Time Eater)
Hades Heart
The Dark Singularity (a fusion between Mal, Chaos, Lich, Doomsday, Galactus, Nightmare Forces, King Sombra, Shadowfright, Parallax, Solaris, Time Eater, Hades Heart and Ultron)


Sam's Laboratory
Joker's Funhouse
Fortress of Solitude
Washington DC
Themyscira/Paradise Island
Yoshi's Island
Angel Island
South Island
Mushroom Kingdom
Koopa Kingdom
Candy Kingdom
Ice Kingdom
Fire Kingdom
Comet Observatory
Starship Mario
New York City
Death Egg mkIII
Hall of Justice
Hall of Doom
White House
Bizarro World/Htrae
.exe World
Demon Island
Titan's Tower
Knothole Village
New Mobotropolis
Bowser's Castle
Deep Space
Phantom Zone
New Genesis
Planet Wisp
Lost Hex
Heart of Time and Space
Door of Time and Space
Moon Kingdom
Mount Olympus
Time Room
Crystal Tokyo
Negamoon/Black Moon
Negaverse/Dark Kingdom
Multiverse Core
Time Room
Riley's Mind
Emotion HQ/Amygdala
Imagination Land
Memory Dump
Dream Productions
Friendship Island
Family Island
Honesty Island
Tragic Vampire Romance Island
Fashion Island
Goofball Island
Hockey Island
Boy Band Island
Abstract Thought
Graviton City
Team KryptoHulk Cast List 12

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Story Arc: Amazon Heroes and Shaken Emotions Arc

I can hardly wait to see it! :D
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