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Enjoy my fanfictions to your heart's desire.


Just something I had in mind.


RPG Maker VX/VX Ace Sprites
RPG Maker VX Mariah by kasden95
Anybody want sprites?
Hand Drawn and/or Computer Drawn
Wip Kasden by kasden95
Kyle and Dash Baxter by kasden95
I'm bringing back hand drawn! Plus I need to improve more on my art skills.
GMod Picture
Madoka GMod Dimensions Villains by kasden95
I have a few models, but tell me what characters and maps you want me to use.
Muscle Girl
Naomi by kasden95
Police Colonel Mayumi Cadena by kasden95
Bikini Boxer Krystal by kasden95
Doctor Alice Luster by kasden95
Muscular girl drawings. Made with a base by MrPr1993
Sprite pic
Inez and Company by kasden95
A group of characters in sprite form.
Note: Most of them will be edits.
Chibi8bit Demi by kasden95
Chibi8bit jo99savetheworld OC by kasden95
Chibi and 8bit combined. It's an original style I made.


Marillo Halloween by kasden95
Marillo Halloween
For Britishgirl2012
Mari as Sailor Moon and Logan as Tuxedo Mask. I might make an improvement on this too. Besides, I've got tons of books on how to draw.
SLRPGTOTES Chapter 2: Yoshis, Shy Guys and Aqua by kasden95
SLRPGTOTES Chapter 2: Yoshis, Shy Guys and Aqua
Sprites made by ParaKoopa, Gensokyo-man, A.J. Nitro and PxlCobit
Based off of Noctalaty's Paper Mario ideas
Some quotes are by gamerjohn022691 and Dimentio44

Yoshi: Ah, so that's your little dinosaur pal, huh? I've read a lot about these guys AND the fact that they helped to raise you and/or your brother when you got kidnapped by Kamek.
Abilities: Tongue Whip, Swallow, Egg Toss, Melon Seed Shot, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Ground Pound, Giant Egg

Kevin: My best buddy since we first met in a reading class. He has a very short temper and expressed it whenever he got a bad grade on his tests and quizzes which made me feel bad for him.
Abilities: Body Slam, Bomb, Power Bomb, Mega Bomb, Nuclear Explosion, Gun Shot, Rapid Shot, Laser Shot, Flaming Explosion, Fuego's Fury

Goombriel: The Legendary Goomba Warrior who can summon the power of the Elemental Spirits. If only I had ancient training like him.
Abilities: Headbonk, Multibonk, Kick,  Fuego's Fury, Rocklord's Fist, Gale's Force, Blizzarra's Flurry, Aqua's Flood, Shocker's Bolts, Glimmeron's Blessing

Mariah: My best friend ever since we first met. She's been like a big sister to me ever since she found me after my parents were killed by Bowser's Army.
Abilities: Jump, Super Jump, Ultra Jump, Hammer, Fire Hammer, Thunder Hammer, Fireball, Shockball, Bomb Toss

Big Piranha Statue Guys: I suppose these four Shy Guys carry the really big statue of a Piranha Plant, hmm? What would really shake the ground and make the statue tumble?

Robo-Guy: Is this the project that the evil members of my species have been hiding? I'm not sure how to get rid of that thing, should we douse it or shock it or use both?

Cyborg-Guys: And these three smaller robots must be the minions of this giant pile of scrap metal, hmm? Let's shock and douse them too.

After a long battle and a long trek through the woods, Luigi and company finally exit Goomba Castle and head to the Mushroom Docks.
Luigi: Okay, so we-a got-a the first Elemental Spirit. Where's-a the next-a one?
Rocklord: Supposedly my sister Aqua is on Yoshi's Island.
Luigi: Okay, so I-a suppose we should-a head there.
Kasden Guy: Yep.

So the heroes and Rocklord head towards the Toad Town Docks which is right next to the Mushroom Forest. Once they arrive, they see a little round creature wearing a Sailor Cap.
Luigi: Is that a Waddle Dee?
Kasden Guy: I suppose you've encountered these things before?
Luigi: Yeah. *remembers when he saw a bunch of them in SSBB and shudders*
Kasden Guy: You alright?
Luigi: Yeah. Just-a remembering that-a moment.

Kasden Guy, Quincy and the others walk up to the Waddle Dee.
Sailor Dee: Hi, I once worked for Meta Knight in trying to rule Dreamland, but my cousin convinced me to switch sides after that little incident was over.
Kasden Guy: And Meta Knight's crew?
Sailor Dee: Yeah, how do you know?
Kasden Guy: I played KSSU.
Sailor Dee: So what is it you guys want?
Luigi: We-a want to-a head to Yoshi's Island.
Sailor Dee: You could not have asked for a better time than this. Yoshi wants to see you guys soon, he says it's important.
Quincy: Is it about the Elemental Spirits?
Sailor Dee: Yes.

So the heroes set sail towards a familiar island and by the time they reach the island, everybody is off the boat.
Luigi: This-a place brings back memories.
Kasden Guy: I'm guessing you and Mario were semi-raised here?
Luigi: Yep!
Rocky: "Luigi, I highly doubt we'll find the Yoshi you know here... There are plenty of Yoshis here, some of which are green like your friend..."
Yoshi: Are you sure about that?

A green Yoshi steps into view.
Yoshi: Luigi, it's been a while!
Luigi: Yoshi!
Rocky: "Wait, I was wrong! Judging by how this green Yoshi likes you, he's the one you were talking about, right?"
Yoshi: Who are your friends here?
Luigi: This is-a Kasden Guy, his-a friend Quincy and Rocky Koopa.
Yoshi: Nice to meet you all!
Rocky: "Well, the more, the merrier, I always say! Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and check into my hotel room! I hope I'm not too late!"

Rocky can be seen wandering towards the hotel.
Yoshi: I guess he knows the right way.
Kasden Guy: What right way?
Yoshi: Follow me. I've got a better location.

Yoshi joined the party!

So the heroes begin trekking through the Yoshi Jungle after stopping by the Yoshi Village. As they trek through the Jungle, they fight a variety of enemies such as Shy Guys and other Shy Guy related enemies. Soon, they reach a large temple surrounded by grass and Yoshi Statues.
Yoshi: Here we are. The Yoshi Temple.
Luigi: Wow...

They enter the temple and oddly enough, Rocky is standing in front of some giant stone hieroglyphs and a gray-footed Goomba and a green-footed Bob-omb can be seen training nearby.
Kasden Guy: Kevin!
Kevin: Kasden?
Quincy: That's Kevin?
Kasden Guy: Yep! We met in college once! We were in two reading classes together.
Quincy: Nice to meet you.
Kevin: Nice to meet you guys too.
Goombriel: Kevin, what are you doing, talking to those guys? We need to focus on our training.
Kasden Guy: *fangirl squeal* Goombriel?! THE GOOMBRIEL?! It's so nice to meet you! I'm a big fan of yours!
Goombriel: This is unexpected.
Kasden: Kevin, you did not tell me you were training here with Goombriel!
Kevin: Well as part of my training, I had to come here.
Yoshi: We can chat later. Right now, we need to be where Rocky is.

Goombriel and Kevin have joined the party!

So Luigi and the others climb the stairs and read the hieroglyphs. Most of them include what looks 8bit versions of Luigi, Kasden Guy, Yoshi, a shadowy devil based creature with claw hands, Dark Star, Shadow Star and Mario inside of the devil creature. Next to those are 8bit versions of the Millenium Star and a Power Star with a bird based creature.
Rocky: "Hmm... These ancient inscriptions show Luigi, Yoshi, and Kasden Guy fighting a horrible creature, and the being inside the creature is none other than Mario... This must've been what the ancient Yoshis prophesized many years ago..."
Yoshi: Yes. The Village Elder once said that the ancient spirits of darkness and light struggled with the balance for eons, even after the universe, OUR universe, was born. One day, the dark spirit wanted the darkness to take control, but his light brother would not have it. So the light spirit sealed his brother away in a smaller black star form to weaken him, only to be reduced to a small yellow star himself. My kind predicted that the Spirit of Darkness, known as Shaddonneuous, would come back to try and cast the world into darkness by controlling a man in red, only to be thwarted by a man in green, a green Yoshi and a blue Shy Guy and their band of heroes plus the other Elemental Spirits and Glimmeron the Spirit of Light.
Kasden Guy: Wow...
Yoshi: So you see, this little doomsday scenario has been predicted for years in more ways than one.
Quincy: I can see why, but we need to get the second spirit.
Rocklord: Yes, my sister Aqua could be anywhere.
Yoshi: She is in the Shy Guy Temple, but the only way to get there is through that.

They head towards what looks like a Shy Guy mask shaped teleporter.
Kasden: That looks like my mask!
"If I'm correct, this teleporter should take us to the Shy Guy Temple..."
Luigi: If you are correct, then let's-a go!

The heroes enter the teleporter to enter the Shy Guy Temple.
Kasden Guy: Well, here we are. The Shy Guy Temple.
Luigi: Wow... Look at all of these-a statues.

So everybody walks past a couple of Shy Guy statues and as they trek through most of the temple, they fight the varieties of Shy Guys that stand in their way, including Piranha Plants and Shy Guys carrying statues of Piranha Plants. Soon enough, they come across a set of hieroglyphs like in the Yoshi Temple. Rocky can be seen reading the hieroglyphs like the previous set.
"These ancient inscriptions read that the Shy Guys migrated from a world called 'Subcon' to the Mushroom Kingdom many years ago! Interesting..."
Kasden Guy: Yeah, Subcon was the place I was born in.
Luigi: Really?
Kasden Guy: I was really little at the time, especially when you and your friends attacked Wart.
Luigi: Ah.

Rocky heads off to another part of the temple while Luigi and Kasden Guy plus the other heroes keep reading. As the heroes explore more of the temple and discover more items, Kasden Guy hears a scream.
Kasden Guy: Mari?
Luigi: Is my-a brother here?
Kasden Guy: No, not Mario. Mariah.
Luigi: Who?
Voice: Help me!
Kasden Guy: I'm coming onee-chan!

Luigi and the others rush towards the next room and come across four Shy Guys attacking a 20 year old woman with brown hair wearing a pink shirt, a pink hat and green overalls.
Kasden Guy: Mari!
Mariah: Kasden Guy?
Luigi: Who is-a that?
Kasden: Mariah. She's my sister in a way.
Shy Guy 1: Well she was snooping on our latest plans for the master!
Shy Guy 2: Yeah, and we need to get rid of her!
Shy Guy 3: But since you morons butted in, we're gonna get rid of you too!
Luigi: Bring it on!


The statue crumbles and the Shy Guys are beaten.
Shy Guy 1: Aaaaghh...
Kasden Guy: That was for abusing my big foster sister!
Shy Guy 4: Oh man, these guys mean business! Run for it!

The four Shy Guys run away and Kasden Guy walks up to Mariah.
Mariah: Thanks for saving me little bro.
Kasden Guy: No probs.
Mariah: *notices Luigi* Oh my gosh, is that Luigi?
Kasden Guy: And my friends Quincy, Kevin plus the famous Goombriel and Yoshi.
"Sailor Adventure DX: Revenge of the Action" PAck

Sailor Scouts (Join in Chapter 7): Female Warriors (Theme: Pokémon Black 2/White 2 - Vs. Champion Iris)
Knuckles (Battled/Joins in Chapter 2): Echidna Fighter (Theme: Sonic Adventure - Unknown from M.E.)
Staci (Joins in Chapter 2): Motormouthed Mistress (Theme: Yoshi's Cookie [SNES] - Action Theme C)
Escargoon (Joins in Chapter 4): Snail Servant (Theme: Kirby's Dream Course - Vs. Mecha King Dedede)


Perfect Chaos
Queen Beryl

Bonus Feature: Sound Test (Listen to every SFX, Music, and Voice sample from the game, bot used and unused!)

Theme of Wario and Waluigi: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - WarioWare Inc. Medley
Vs. Wario/Waluigi: Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen - Vs. Gym Leader/Elite Four
Title Screen/File Select Game Demo: Sonic Unleashed - The World Adventure
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